Man-Crush Politics

I don't know if John McCain needs to "fire Mark McKinnon," the media adviser who's pledged to quit McCain's campaign if Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee because he admires Obama too much to have any part in attacking him. But on the evidence of this profile, I'm pretty sure McCain shouldn't be taking political advice from a guy who's crushing on Obama the same way he crushed on ... George W. Bush:

Having read Obama's first memoir, he was already drawn to the Illinois senator when they first met at a Washington dinner party in late 2006. "I think he has a history and hopefully a potential," said McKinnon. "That's what I like about him, that's what I liked about Bush."

"A history and hopefully a potential." What more do you need to know? Besides that he has really kind eyes - and really great web video:

As McCain's comeback picked up speed, McKinnon cast jealous glances toward Obama, who was the beneficiary of two unconventional, online videos that McKinnon considers the best work of the campaign: an early bootleg spoof of Apple's "1984" ad lampooning Hillary Clinton as "Big Brother" and a music video released in January by singer featuring celebrities saying excerpts from an Obama speech.

McKinnon becomes visibly giddy when discussing the video, calling it "cool" and "really powerful stuff."

"I'm a music guy," said McKinnon. "You combine music and politics, I'm halfway there."

Pace Charlotte Allen, empty-headed swooning can be a guy thing, too.