Condi For Veep?

Like Hendrik Hertzberg, I can see a case for John McCain picking Condoleezza Rice as his running mate, though I think Hertzberg glosses too quickly over the ideological difficulties such a pick would pose for a candidate who already has difficulty exciting the right-wing rank and file. What I can't see, frankly, is the case for Rice accepting the veep's slot if it were offered. The job would effectively constitute a demotion, since she would almost certainly be less influential as the VP in a McCain Administration than she is as Bush's Secretary of State (and trusted confidante). Moreover, while McCain would be effectively anointing her his heir, if she has designs on the Presidency - and I don't think she does, but of course you never know - I actually think she'd be better positioned for a run if she establishes some sort of non-executive branch identity (by running for governor of California, for instance) than if she spends the next four-to-eight years hanging around Dick Cheney's old digs.