Time For Huck To Go?

I know, I know - just a couple days ago I was arguing that it made sense for him to keep on keeping on. But looking at the landscape Geraghty lays out, there aren't many places between here and Texas where he's likely to make the kind of noise he did in Kansas and Louisiana (or even Virginia, for that matter); what he's facing, instead, is a slew of 55-35 or even 65-20 drubbings. At the moment, his exit strategy seems to be to wait till McCain reaches the magic number and then concede, which makes sense if he can keep up the respectable showing he's made in the last two weeks - winning some states here and there, making McCain sweat in others, and earning free media attention along the way. But it also makes sense for him to go out on a high note, and if he's just going to get pasted from now till Texas there's something to be said for making his strong showing in Virginia the last thing that voters and journalists remember about his primary-season run.