Recommended Reading

I hope to back to blogging speed soon; in the meantime, you might enjoy:

Jim Manzi on poverty, upward mobility, and the anti-Barbara Ehrenreich. (For a fascinating take on these issues, you might try Katherine Newman's Chutes and Ladders; here's Paul Tough's NYTimes review.)

The Economist and Daniel Larison on the Putinista appropriation of Byzantine history.

David Frum - whose "Bookshelf" feature is one of the ornaments of the blogosphere - on George Eliot.

Nick Denton versus Vulture on whether we need a Wire movie.

Reihan on Larry Lessig, pro and (very respectfully) con.

Brad DeLong on Fidelophilia after Fidel, and my colleague, Graeme Wood - with text here, image here - on Havana after Communism.

And five years old but still amazing - Gene Simmons does NPR. (hat tip: James Poulos)