Romney's Night

Or rather, a night that made me want to vote for him, however temporarily - which, as you can probably tell if you read this blog frequently, was a high bar for him to clear. Whether anyone in the voting public saw it that way I have no idea; he took a drubbing all night from the rest of the field, and I agree with Rich that he probably would have done better to show a little more emotion about it. But all the piling-on from his rivals felt content-free and obnoxious (I thought McCain, especially, seemed irascible and downright unpleasant in his interactions with Romney, and too confident that his role as media darling makes him untouchable), whereas even when I didn't agree with him Mitt sounded serious and persuasive and even wonky - like the thinking conservative's candidate that I once hoped he would be.

I see Noam Scheiber leans my way on this; I expect, though, that the CW will run toward Mark Halperin's take.