Like A Stuck Pig

Like most non-New Yorkers, I paid only glancing attention to the saga of Rudy Giuliani's personal life while he was mayor. So it's always interesting to come across new details - like this quote, for instance, which comes up in the context of a back-and-forth between Andy McCarthy and Lawrence Auster over whether Rudy's behavior calls into question his fitness for the Presidency:

Just a few months ago, the mayor would not have won many popularity contests. Estranged from his wife, television personality Donna Hanover, he broke the news to her that he was leaving her for another woman--at a news conference.

On Mother's Day, his celebrity divorce lawyer tried to shame Ms. Hanover into leaving Gracie Mansion, where she was staying with their two children. "She's howling like a stuck pig," Raoul Felder said. "I suppose we're going to have to pry her off the chandelier to get her out of there."

Charming, to the last.