The Shock of Recognition

Gail Collins:

I would love to give you all the arguments about the virtues of the Law of the Sea Treaty, but it seems like a cruel thing to do to readers on a Saturday. One problem with the debate is that the earnestness of the proponents is equaled only by their lack of pizazz. (The opponents call the treaty “LOST,” causing many innocent journalists to open their e-mails in hopes of getting new information on what really killed Mr. Eko in Season Three. The advocates call it “The Law of the Sea Convention.”)

A sub-Maureen Dowd pop-culture reference, you say. And I'd agree ... except that the LOST/Lost confusion has actually happened to me several times in the past month.

Meanwhile, defying Collins' claim that opponents of LOST can't "come up with any rational arguments," against it, Tyler Cowen offers a few here. Opponents of Lost, on the other hand, are probably beyond his help.