Noah Millman has all kinds of interesting thoughts on the Saletan argument, one of which merits a quick response. He writes:

I do think Ross is wrong to refer to an “emerging scientific consensus” about these matters; what would be more correct is that there is a burgeoning scientific debate, a debate that our political and social taboos have tried mightily to stifle, or at least hide from public view.

I think I was wrong, too; that was a stupid and lazy way to characterize the debate, and it seems to have fed a misapprehension that I intended to cast myself as a "bold truthsayer ... fearlessly committed to challenging commonly accepted falsehoods." Which wasn't really what that post was about; I was more interested in talking about Saletan's "what is to be done" response to his thesis than in making a grand statement about the thesis itself. So consider it retracted.

More thoughts on this topic after the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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