McCain-Huckabee '08

Huckabee's semi-deferral to the McCain position on waterboarding offers modest reinforcement for my growing sense that as far as electability goes, the two men would make up the strongest general-election ticket for the '08 GOP. (With McCain at the top, that is.) Their differences - political, temperamental, geographical - balance without obviously contradicting (whereas a a Giuliani-Huckabee ticket might collapse under its blatant contradictions), and as a result they'd have the potential to project a big-tent image without fundamentally overturning the order of the GOP coalition the way having either Rudy or Huckabee at the top of the ticket might. (I also think they'd get the best press coverage of any possible Republican pairing.)

Now obviously this doesn't seem likely to happen. But if American politics were like British politics, one could imagine them hashing out a Blair-Brown style deal, wherein they pool their supporters, McCain takes Ramesh's advice and pledges to serve one term, and Huckabee is promised Cheney-style influence as VP and becomes the presumptive heir to the Oval Office.

It isn't, and they won't - but it's an entertaining thought, at the very least.