Bimbo Eruptions

Andrew speculates about what we should make of the weird back-and-forth over whether the Clintons have dirt on Obama that they aren't using:

Here's a more paranoid explanation: at some point in this campaign, if you believe the Washington rumor mill, there may well be some Clinton bimbo eruption stories, i.e. Bill's post-presidential extracurricular activities will come under discussion again. This Novak flap therefore may be a dummy-run for the various responses if such alleged doodoo eventually hits the campaign fan.

I've heard what I suspect are some of the same rumors Andrew has, and obviously it's perfectly credible, given what we know about his character and history, that Clinton would still be tomcatting around. But my question is this: Is it credible that if there were sex scandals lurking out there, waiting to explode on the Clinton campaign, we wouldn't know about them yet? I don't care if Drudge is cozy with the Clintons now, or if Clinton-pal Ron Burkle gets control of every single supermarket tabloid in God's creation - this is the age of TMZ and Gawker Stalker, and I find it hard to believe that someone like Clinton would be able to get away with his old tricks without some alternative, internet-age media outlet getting hold of the dirt. Mainstream outlets (like, say, the LA Times) might have qualms about running with a "Clinton commits adultery - again" story that doesn't have a direct legal or political angle, but there are too many outlets devoted to full-time gossip now for journalistic high-mindedness to keep something like that out of the news. Aren't there? Or am I being naive about the ability of someone as mobbed-up as Clinton to do what he pleases without it leaking online?