Reihan: Why the Tesla Roadster Won't Transform the Way We Drive

FuturePundit pours cold water on a very ambitious project.

They've got a car they've designed with very light and expensive materials. They probably have little or no luggage space. I bet it doesn't do well in crash tests either. They are using the best batteries they can find. Yet it is good for only 245 miles. Plus, once you've driven three and a half to four hours with it you've got to stop and wait just as long for it to recharge. This is a local car, not suitable for cross-country travel. In order for batteries to totally replace liquid fuels future batteries have got to store more electric power per unit weight and be capable of recharge in 1% of the time of current best-of-breed batteries. Is this physically possible?

I certainly hope so. The great thing about FuturePundit is that every post is very thorough and offers plenty of background information. It is thus a terrific resource even for those who disagree with the editorial voice. Check it out.