Reihan: The Campaign Standard

By now I hope you've taken some time to check out The Campaign Standard, a new blog from The Weekly Standard. I should make my bias clear: the main contributor is Matthew Continetti, a friend of who has amazingly catholic tastes and a deep knowledge of campaign politics. But you also get to read Richard Starr, a cutting wit who doesn't write nearly enough, and who introduced me some time ago to parkour gym training.

There are those of who resist the charms of The Weekly Standard, perhaps because you blame them for all the troubles in the world. You're missing out: having spent a lot of time reading the magazine, and a fair bit of time in the company of those who make it happen, I can assure you that these are deeply eccentric people, and I mean that as the highest compliment. You will be entertained and you will be provoked, provided you avoid anything written by "Reihan Salam."