Reihan: Speaking of Milk, and Climate Change

A poignant note from the milkman to The Oil Drum's Euan Mearns:

Dear Customer,

Doorstep Milk Prices - Sunday 30th September 2007

I am sure you will be well aware by now, from the extensive on-going press coverage, of the substantial increase in prices affecting the numerous agricultural associated products.

The primary factors influencing the increase in milk costs are due to the heightened demand for dairy products along with availablity issues. These issues are being intensified by the extreme weather conditions currenly being experienced around the world, which in turn has increased our costs considerably in recent months.

This increase will help to secure the future of our milk supply and the continutaion of the Doorstep Service.

Doortstep Price Increase as of 30th September 2007

Pint Glass - will increase by 4 pence per pint
500 ml carton - will increase by 4 pence per 500 mls

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyal custom and continued support.

Mearns ends his post on a dark note.

Does this provide a glimpse of the future? We may have to eat fewer eggs, less pork and bacon and drink less milk.

The prospect of drinking less milk is part of why I've moved well past the Lomborgs on the world on this issue; my current position is, let's take sweeping measures and lets offer many billions of dollars to anyone who can reliably scrape carbon and other harmful emissions out of the atmosphere and banish them for good.