Reihan: Hello!

As you may have read earlier on, my good friend and co-author Ross Douthat is getting married very soon and he'll be out of the country for some time after that. Once he returns, he will be rested and ready to take the blogosphere by storm, if necessary subduing rival blogs with a series of shattering (rhetorical) blows. My advice to said rivals: get your emergency preparedness kits in order.

So who is this Reihan Salam? Rather than bore you with biographical details, I will list a few things I like. Note that I'm deliberately excluding things produced by personal friends or colleagues. I'm also excluding things that could embarrass or haunt me in the years to come, thus radically reducing the scope of this enterprise. In particular, I'm thinking of my favorite shirts. When I idly daydream about how I'd fare in a post-apocalyptic landscape, thoughts prompted in part by the recently-resurrected CBS drama Jericho, I think about whether my shirts will survive the unending chaos.

Among many other things, I've always wanted to be an illustrator. But I'm quite sure I'll never be one iota the illustrator Jillian Tamaki is, so why bother?

I particularly enjoy Tamaki's mixed feelings about Calgary, her hometown.

Brian Cronin
is also amazing. If you can think of any illustrators you particularly like, let me know.

Lately I've also been blown away by the work of Sam Anderson, now a staff writer at New York. His "Exorcising the Brooklyn Dodgers" is excellent, and his meditation-meets-mystery feature on The Splasher was even better. I first noticed Anderson when he wrote terrifically funny shorts for Slate eons ago, and now he's taking on literary legends with the same aplomb.

That's it for now. More to come.