So I'm watching a Red Sox-Yankees game this weekend, and midway through the telecast what looked like some frat-boy doofus decked out in Sox gear showed up in the Fox broadcast booth. It wasn't Ben Affleck, the most likely candidate, and since I had the sound off it took a good five minutes to realize that it was none other than Dane Cook, the lamest comedian in America - and (naturally) the new face of post-season baseball.

Football passed baseball as America's real national pastime sometime in the late '60s or early '70s, and for a while MLB arguably slipped to third in the pecking order, behind the NBA and with hockey nipping at its heels. Since a certain early-90s low point, baseball has arguably clawed its way back to number two, but as long as the NFL's in business it's always going to be a distant number two. Still, do they need to make it quite so obvious? Compare this:

To this:

Now, which sport do you want to be a fan of?

Or as Cliff Corcoran put it, watching the same travesty: "Dane Cook and MLB on FOX were made for each other, both are loud and completely unqualified to do what they're doing."

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