Beauchamp, One More Time

In a graphic illustration of how the Scott Thomas Beauchamp scandal is tearing Washington apart, neoconservative and sometime-TNR contributor Eli Lake more or less agrees with me about the significance of the Beauchamp controversy, while neoconservative and sometime-TNR contributor Charles Krauthammer agrees with Ace of Spades and company.

The most telling moment in Lake's conversation with Mike Crowley, I think, comes when Lake says something about Beauchamp being a creep, and Crowley responds that he doesn't really know the guy, but that his wife, the TNR staffer Elspeth Reeve, is "absolutely the sweetest person that I know." This could be construed as further support for the "Frank Foer is risking his magazine's reputation and his job because he doesn't want to tell a junior staffer that her husband is a liar" theory of the case. But it really suggests, once again, that this was a case of a magazine giving a break to a young writer not because his work "fits perfectly into the most virulent narrative of the antiwar left," as Krauthammer would have it, but because the young writer's likeable wife asked them to. They got burned as a result, and deservedly so. But not because they hate America.