The Cocoon

The relaunched page for the Victory Caucus is intended to be "a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in learning about what's really going on in the war." To this end, it boasts two columns of links: One is headlined "Official US Sources," and includes releases from Centcom and DoD touting progress in Iraq; the other is headlined "Blogs and New Media," and includes links to military bloggers and freelancers like Michael Totten. There are exactly zero links to any of the media organizations that do the vast majority of on-the-ground reporting from the Middle East.

When the next generation of conservatives sits down to analyze where this generation of conservatives went wrong, they would do well to start with efforts like the Victory Caucus page, and the mentality it represents - not the traditional (and justified) right-wing belief that many establishment institutions aren't to be trusted, but the naive and ridiculous theory that they can be ignored entirely. As those noted pacifists and appeasers Rich Lowry and Max Boot have suggested, this delusion hasn't just cost conservatives their credibility and their majority; it's contributed mightily to America's struggles in Iraq.