Highlights From the Festival

The Ideas Festival is over and I'm on my way back to D.C. (technically, I'm sitting in the Denver airport waiting for a delayed flight - along with Karl Rove, oddly, who's Blackberrying a few seats away from me), and on the off chance you weren't checking the Ideas Festival blog all the time last week, here are some highlights: James Bennet and Jim Fallows on Bill Clinton; why Tobias Wolff doesn't think much of James Frey; Corby Kummer on the iPhone and Rupert Murdoch's favorite drink; Colin Powell: strategically incoherent and having it both ways; Fallows on China, on China again, and with yet more China; the Stephen Breyer-Ted Olson steel cage death match; Lynne Cheney wants to fight a land war in Asia; Richard Branson wants to go to the moon; why the suburbs are the future of the city; what good reporters really do; oil: just another commodity?; Aspen's dearth of social scientists and its surfeit of jet age glamour; and, of course, the coarsest moment at the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow. I hope.

Update: And here's all kinds of YouTube.