I Draw The Line At the Gadsden Purchase

J. Goodrich, on the conservative crack-up:

Immigration is the point where the odd marriage that makes up the Republican base falls apart, the marriage between social conservatives (who are mostly not wealthy) and wealthy business interests. The social conservatives want a big fence around America (as they define it), whereas the business interests want cheap labor to successfully cross that fence. There was no way that Bush could have satisfied both of these desires at the same time.

"As they define it"? Did I miss the memo where immigration restrictionists want to fall back to the Nueces River and build the border fence there? Or the one where they advocated the conquest of the Maritime Provinces, followed by the construction of a Maginot Line along the Quebec-New Brunswick border?

Seriously, how does Goodrich "define" America? Does it include Mexico? France? Or is she too principled a strict-constructionist to recognize the Louisiana Purchase?