The Art of Self-Marginalization

Reihan had some sharp comments on this Pat Buchanan column when it first appeared, and now Eve Fairbanks chimes in. The piece in question, in which Buchanan blames the Virginia Tech shootings on the Korean hordes who have entered the country in the past few decades, is a good example of why it's so lonely over here on the moderate-restrictionist side of the immigration debate - because all the other restrictionists seem determined to take every chance they get to act like, well, the liberal caricature of an immigration opponent.

In theory, the position that low-skilled immigration levels are too high, and that we should do more to control our southern border and reduce the unprecedented numbers coming in before we consider implementing an "earned legalization" program, seems like one that lots of reasonable people could take. But in practice, almost nobody does: You're either a sunny comprehensive-reform optimist, or you're writing darkly about the mass-murdering tendencies of "the 864,000 Koreans" in our midst.