Rooting For the Bad Guy

So Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott are apparently re-teaming - after the success of Gladiator and the, er, non-success of A Good Year - to make Nottingham, which Aintitcoolnews describes as "a twist on the Robin Hood character that paints the Sheriff of Nottingham as a noble and just lawman struggling under a corrupt king." It sounds promising enough, but if they're looking for a story in which the Sheriff is a sympathetic character, I wish they'd just adapt Sherwood, Parke Godwin's Robin Hood novel from the early 1990s: It's an entertaining, pulpy read that pulls off the rare trick of making both its Robin and its Sheriff appealing figures. I may be the only person who actually remembers Sherwood, so I suppose it would have been too much to ask - but after Kingdom of Heaven, I'm just a little worried about how Scott picks his screenplays.