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Introducing . . . Word Games

Welcome to your biweekly verbal workout

Emily Cox (smiling, offering buzzer handshake) and Henry Rathvon (snickering, twiddling corners of mustache) welcome all Atlantic Monthly readers, WWW surfers, and lovers of games and puzzles!

In this cozy corner of The Atlantic's online suite, we offer biweekly contests in which you can win free books by Atlantic contributors and editors, and endless years of online fame.

Every two weeks, we'll ask you to be inventive with puns, rhymes, anagrams, or other wordplay, and in each contest we'll award 3 prizes of a book of your choice from the Atlantic online bookstore (open soon!) for the entries we think are wittiest and most original (i.e., the entries that make us fall down laughing hardest). (NOTE: Those of you joining us from America Online will still win five free AOL hours, too.)

In each contest, e-mail your entry to puzzles@theatlantic.com. Every two weeks we'll close one contest and immediately open the next. There will ALWAYS be a game to play in this corner. One week after each contest's closing date, we'll post the winners, runners-up, and any other noteworthy nuttiness that you inject into the games. Here are the full rules.

Meet your hosts, Cox & Rathvon

Word Games rules

Enter the current Word Games contest .

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Archive of past Word Games

Join in the message board fun

Suggest a contest for your fellow wordplay lovers. If we can use or adapt your idea, we'll bestow upon you any book from The Atlantic Store.

NOTE: You may submit as many entries as you like to these contests. Putting multiple entries into one e-mail message is a good idea.

Okay, adjust your brain's setting to WORDPLAY, and proceed to our Current Contest.

--EC and HR

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