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This contest is now closed. But enjoy!

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The idea for this word game was suggested by Rickwins@aol.com, whose AOL account is accordingly graced with 5 free hours courtesy of the Atlantic Monthly. (Like to suggest a contest and earn a prize ? Please do!)

As Thanksgiving approaches, Rickwins and his friends are thinking of ways to vary their cuisine. Specifically, they are seeking new combinations of international foods. Whenever they concoct a new combination platter, they invent:

  1. the name of the restaurant that would specialize in such a dish
  2. the name of the dish itself.

For example, Rickwins tells us that a combination of Middle Eastern and French pastry would be served at a restaurant called The Fertile Croissant. He adds that Chinese-Cuban cuisine is now being served at a diner called Wontonamera. What's more, a combination of Chinese and Native American food is being dished out at Lomein on the Totem Pole. And finally, Rickwins and his friends have concocted a new salmon dish combining Jamaican and Jewish cooking techniques; this dish is called... you got it: Dread Lox.

Bon appetit!

--EC and HR

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Combination Platter Contest Results

(All names without @ symbols are AOL screen names.)

Did you folks know that there's a real, true-life deli in San Francisco combining Chinese and Jewish items? According to Dfbisbee and several other correspondents, it's actually called: Genghis Cohen.

In our contest suggested by Rickwins (it's really all his fault), we asked you to cook up similarly rib-tickling fare by combining two distinctive cuisines. Our e-box was sated with the results. Alamano got the punfeast off to a sizzling start by saying that there was "arroz in Spanish Harlem" and that an Extraterrestrial diner serving Italian food would have to be called Z.T. RalphP21 then recommended a fast-food restaurant opened by the Catholic Diocese called The Frying Nun. Pjveber suggested that a diner in the Hasty Pudding franchise would serve a microwaved Spanish custard called the High-Speed Flan. RDH9995 alluded to a patè-serving eatery in New Orleans called Old Man Liver. Several gourmets raved about an Italian-Hawaiian snack called Pizza Poi; and we were repeatedly advised to remember the A la Mode (you know, that Texan ice-cream parlor).

Jokes were coming from all over the map, especially Asia. For example, BearMacD informed us that a menswear store had recently merged with a restaurant featuring traditional Siamese food. Its name? Coat and Thai. What's more, many of you claimed there was a romantic French-Siamese place called Beau Thai, and a bar right around the corner called Thai One On.

In back-to-back e-mailings, Doano told us that Disneyland and Helsinki were getting together to open a bar called Mickey's Finns, and MIDIMil reported that a Vietnamese restaurant at Florida's Disneyworld would be called Ho Chi Minnie Mouse. We were informed by LIN7U that an Italian-Mexican place would be called Pasta la Vista, and a day later WordsWild mentioned Pasta la Visa, which only accepts one kind of credit card.

But the biggest groan at the groaning board came from jesse@oes.amdahl.com, who told us of a soup-and-sandwich place on a military base called... The In-Formation Soup or Rye Way.

And the servings didn't stop there. We've reproduced below our favorites from the menu, topped by three delectable prize-winners from MJH12656, WordsWild, and Amsonia. Each of these ingenious chefs will receive 5 free AOL hours plus a book from the Atlantic's online store. We thank our winners for their culinary wizardry, and we salute all of you who participated in this zany banquet.

Our Three Winners

A dish combining Indian and Cajun cuisines: The Curry with the Singe on Top. (MJH12656)

A Franco-German hideaway cafè for romantic lovers: Stollen Quiches. (WordsWild)

A French restaurant serving "les hotdogs et la biere" to New Yorkers: Chez Stadium. (Amsonia)

And The Feast Goes On

Two partners opened an eatery specializing in lamb roast for adults and peanut butter for the kids. They called it Mutton Jiff. Seeing that, an Egyptian followed suit with: Pita Pan. (SqueezePly)

A Chinese and Irish combination: Sweet and Sour Cork (LostnAustn)
A Chinese-American bakery: Wok and Roll (LostnAustn)
American and Brazilian: The Grill from Ipanema (LostnAustn)
American and Mexican (with a special flair for beef): Art Carne (LostnAustn)

Casual American cuisine at a German eatery: Bach's Lunch (MizTrish)

Thai and Country/Western fast food: Ginger Rogers (Qtippy)
Italian and fresh bread: Penne Loafers (Qtippy)
Donut shop and soul food: Ring-Around-the-Collards (Qtippy)

A restaurant that serves a combination of Creole and Southern cuisine: Filé of Soul (WendiSidy)

A kosher beanery: Fava Nagila (RDH9995)
French-Italian cheese dish: Joltin' Joe Fromaggio (RDH9995)
Spanish-Chinese restaurant: Man of La Mooshoo (RDH9995)

Restaurant serving German-French cuisine: The Wurst Seine-ario (Ismite)

A Korean/African-American seafood restaurant in Harlem called Buoys in the Hood, serving: Seoul Food (RalphP21)

A dish with Pennsylvania cheesesteak served in Greek pastry: Phyllodelphia (DB327)

Vegetarian Greek pastry shop: Chlorophyllo (crah@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU)
Arabic restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama: Kismet Grits (crah@KUHUB.CC.UKANS.EDU)

A combination of French wine and children's comfort foods: Pinot Butter and Jelly Sandwiches (SFaber)
An unusual Pacific Rim dish of minced tuna baked on hot volcanic rocks: Ahi Lava Pureed (SFaber)

A Japanese-Chinese cuisine served with chopsticks at: The World of Sushi Wong (Hehir) Served at international sporting events, the most popular Japanese-German white wine is: Sumo Riesling. (Hehir)

German-French cheese delight: Blintzkrieg (Havahombru; also RevMJK)
Moscow-German cabbage dish: Russian Roulade (Don't eat this too often) (Havahombru)
Cuban-Middle Eastern fruit concoctions at: The Bay of Figs (Havahombru)
French-African cold soups served at: The Vichy Swahili (Havahombru)

Japanese dishes in a Middle Eastern style, served at a restaurant called: Miso-potamia (KayRashun)
Jellied English seafood combined with Polish sausage: Eelbasa (KayRashun)
Middle Eastern eggplant in Jewish pastry: Baba Knish (KayRashun)
Seaside diner combining Russian and Chinese: Under the Borschtwok (KayRashun)

Scottish-Middle Eastern cuisine prepared as well as it can be: Aye Falafel (RiverToad)

Holiday punch consisting of whiskey spiked with soy sauce: Yule Falafel Tamari (Shedpot)

A restaurant featuring Hawaiian dishes bar-b-cued suburban style: Pois & Grills (Livon4th)
If you're checking out bar-b-cue in Warsaw, make a trip to: Spit and Polish. (Livon4th; also RevMJK)
Brits stand in line for seafood at Manchester's: Sushi Queue (Livon4th)
And at a Chinese restaurant in Juarez you can feast on: Sesame Mucho (Livon4th)

Kosher chicken soup with dumplings stuffed with haggis, served at a place called: Kreplach Lomond (GlennEEEE)

French-Middle Eastern: Edith Pilaf (Sapoznik)
Spanish fast food: Man of La Muncha (Sapoznik)
Indian: Gunga Dinner (Sapoznik)
Russian hipster: Beet Generation (Sapoznik)

A homey place to eat French-fried bivalves: Le Dough Mussel (Npbale)

British fried chicken served at: Coat of Arms and Legs (EJ Daniel)

Various Combo Armenian Platters:
Fish Kebab
Knish Kebab
Amish Kebab
Quiche Kebab (RevMJK)

There's a limited menu, but the choice is obvious, at: Matzoh Fast. (RevMJK)

Irish-Italian dish: Veal ParmeSean (PHRENOLOGY)
American-French steakhouse: T-Bone Appetit (PHRENOLOGY)
The french fries at a Caribbean-German burger & fries joint: Palm Fritz (PHRENOLOGY)
And finally, a new twist on an old breakfast cereal: Tex-Mex Chex (PHRENOLOGY)

A restaurant that combines American and Indian cuisine: Yankee Noodle Ghandi (Stevick1)

How about a mystical South-of-the-Border restaurant where they offer "Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog" stirred into a nice gazpacho and served with tacos, enchiladas and tortillas in a specialty called: the Hex-Mex Platter. (pjveber@awod.com)

Jamaican and Italian: Rasta Pasta (JReibel, ODA145, Ojur)

Transylvanian-Texan combination: Bat-B-Que (Maria1879)
French cuisine with a Mexican flavor: Haute Tamales (Maria1879)
Fried chicken on German bread: The Scarlet Pumpernickel (Maria1879)

A yam pastry made by the math department at MIT: Sweet Potato Pi (The Kid 1955)

An international bar featuring Russian drinks: Dr. Zhivodka (RalphP21)
A new Wall Street vegetarian restaurant: The New York Stalk Exchange (RalphP21)

Superman's international chicken take-out place: Around the World with a Capon. (MIDIMil)

A restaurant featuring apple pie, candy apples and apple sauce: Eats of Eden. (G8ly)
An Indian restaurant catering to mahouts, serving: Babar au Rhum and Babar Ghanoush. (G8ly)

Idaho and Russia combining to produce: The Spudnik. (MJH12656)
Alaskan-Italian specialty: Mooseolini. (MJH12656)

A combination of Japanese and traditional Western (chuckwagon) grub at a place called: Karaoke-Dokey. (NFFA)

When I was in Washington D.C. a few weeks ago I had lunch at one of the cafeterias in the Congressional Office Building. The name of the place was: Fill Up, Buster. The daily special (a Tibetan dish) was a stew called: Yackety Yak. And the Newt Gingrich Vineyards had provided the house whine. (Ravensegg)

Greco-French dessert joint: Pi a la Moet (where, of course, they serve chocolate moussaka) (MIDIMil)
Italian-Eastern European salad-based pastries: Arugullach (MIDIMil)

A restaurant that serves Jewish-Hawaiian cuisine: Aloha-Oy (Sueswa)

Eskimo school-lunch favorite: Peanut Blubber & Jelly (Ojur)
Dessert at Louisiana luau: Pecan Poi (Ojur)

German-Chinese food served at: Frau Mein (DCBites)
Spicy Indian-Cajun restaurant: Vishnu Orleans (DCBites)
Entree of choice at the Middle Eastern-French restaurant: Quiche Bahrain (DCBites)

Cher's favorite veggie dish: The Beets Go On (RDH9995)
Seafood-jazz house: Thelonius Monkfish (RDH9995)

A Spanish and Greek restaurant located near the Cape Canaveral space center is featuring a special consisting of chicken and swordfish called: A pollo and Mercury. (Unhunk)

Italian-Spanish cuisine: Mama Mia Tortilla (EJDaniel)

A restaurant specializing in Eskimo-Polish cuisine: The Mukluk Mazurka. (DEggett)

A restaurant that specializes in Italian and Japanese cuisine: The Sistine Samurai (DB327)

Italian and French pastry: PastaPuff. (Letvak)

An Italian methadone parlor: Focaccia Under My Skin (Mezzomezzo)

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