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Essays & Reviews

"The Rest Is Silence" (Atlantic Unbound, August 16, 2000)
Almereyda's Hamlet, Kermode's Shakespeare, and the Prince of Denmark in the age of digital reproduction.

"High-Performance Poets" (The Atlantic Monthly, April 2000)
W. H. Auden, James Merrill, and Sylvia Plath read from their work in recordings previously unavailable. A review of the first installment of "The Voice of the Poet," a series of audio books edited by J. D. McClatchy.

"Dionysus and the Virgin" (Atlantic Unbound, September 16, 1998)
On the Greek island of Santorini, the gods are not all dead.

"Over the Edge" (Atlantic Unbound, December 4, 1997)
Hypertext fiction, a new Norton anthology, and a postmodern freefall into cyberspace.

"Out of Context" (Atlantic Unbound, June 11, 1997)
What happens when the media become our reality? It's a question cyberjournalists ought to ask themselves.

"You Say You Want a Revolution?" (Atlantic Unbound, April 2, 1997)
On "push," the "digital nation," and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

"Bonfire of the Pieties" (Atlantic Unbound, March 5, 1997)
In Virtuous Reality, Hotwired's Jon Katz calls for a truce in the media culture wars. So why is he fanning the flames?

"The Message Is the Medium" (Chicago Review, Winter 1995-96)
A reply to Sven Birkerts and The Gutenberg Elegies. Plus, an exchange between Sven Birkerts and Wen Stephenson.


Lawrence Lessig: "The Values of Code (and Code)" (Atlantic Unbound, December 15, 1999)
An e-mail exchange with Lawrence Lessig, the author of Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace.

Philip Levine: "A Useful Poetry" (Atlantic Unbound, April 8, 1999)
The Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning poet talks about politics, history, autobiography, the successes and failures of language -- and why poetry matters.

Patricia Williams: "Speaking of Race" (Atlantic Unbound, May 14, 1998)
Patricia Williams, the author of Seeing a Color-Blind Future, suggests that when it comes to the trauma of racism Americans have not yet learned how to speak.

Robert Kuttner: "The Vanity of Human Markets" (Atlantic Unbound, February 26, 1997)
In Everything for Sale, Robert Kuttner challenges the prevailing orthodoxy of laissez-faire economics.

Francis Davis: "Jazz in the '90s: Bebop and Beyond?" (Atlantic Unbound, July 15, 1996)
Francis Davis, author of Bebop and Nothingness: Jazz and Pop at the End of the Century, talks about jazz in the '90s -- its influences, rising stars, and prospects for the future.

Nicholas Lemann: "The Measure of Merit: On Testing and Meritocracy" (The Atlantic Monthly Online, August 22, 1995)
An online conversation with Nicholas Lemann, the Atlantic national correspondent and author of "The Great Sorting" and "The Structure of Success in America."

Robert Pinsky: "Poetry, Computers, and Dante's Inferno" (The Atlantic Monthly Online, April 19, 1995)
An online conversation with Robert Pinsky, acclaimed poet and translator of The Inferno of Dante.


Web Citations: "Why (Some) Americans Hate the Internet" (Atlantic Unbound, September 13, 2000)
Attack ads come to the Web.

Web Citations: "Pseudo Politics" (Atlantic Unbound, August 2, 2000)
Live from the sky box at the GOP Convention in Philadelphia.

Web Citations: "DigitalDivide.com" (Atlantic Unbound, January 26, 2000)
Why new commercial efforts to bridge the "digital divide" may only make it wider.

Web Citations: "The Great Divide" (Atlantic Unbound, July 15, 1999)
The Silicon Valley rich are very different from you and me.

Web Citations: "Not Your Father's Antiwar Movement" (Atlantic Unbound, April 14, 1999)
Are these the new peaceniks? Opposition to "Clinton's war" has made for some very strange bedfellows.

Web Citations: "Democratic Vistas" (Atlantic Unbound, February 17, 1999)
"I sing the body electric," Walt Whitman wrote. Little did he know what he was prophesying. A look at Robert Pinsky's Favorite Poem Project.

Web Citations: "Be-In Digital" (Atlantic Unbound, January 20, 1999)
In some quarters, the spirit of Haight-Ashbury is still kicking. Should we care?

Web Citations: "Break on Through" (Atlantic Unbound, December 3, 1998)
Portal, n. 1. A door, gate, or entrance; esp: a grand or imposing one.

Web Citations: "Revisions of Slavery" (Atlantic Unbound, October 28, 1998)
What the Web accomplishes that neither Hollywood filmmakers nor PBS documentarists can.

Web Citations: "It's the Medium, Stupid" (Atlantic Unbound, September 23, 1998)
Amidst all the clamor over the Starr Report's release, one Webzine reminds us what the Net was supposed to promise -- and still does.

Web Citations: "The Lolita Effect" (Atlantic Unbound, August 5, 1998)
What Vladimir Nabokov and Bill Clinton have in common.

Web Citations: "Free Truman Burbank!" (Atlantic Unbound, June 18, 1998)
For some, television's pernicious influence is no joking matter.

Web Citations: "Beyond Interface" (Atlantic Unbound, May 6, 1998)
The state of art on the Net.

Web Citations: "Pay Day" (Atlantic Unbound, March 11, 1998)
Slate's big gamble.

Web Citations: "Clintonalia" (Atlantic Unbound, February 4, 1998)
Investigating rumors of a vast conspiracy.

Web Citations: "Video Gets Real" (Atlantic Unbound, December 24, 1997)
Believe it or not, there are uses for streaming video that go beyond entertainment.

Web Citations: "Revolution 2.0" (Atlantic Unbound, October 16, 1997)
Esther Dyson wants to redesign the digital world -- or at least get the brainstorming started.

Web Citations: "The Official Guide to Bedlam" (Atlantic Unbound, August 13, 1997)
The teeming, chaotic, utterly bizarre world of popular music on the Web -- brought to you by MTV and Yahoo!

Web Citations: "And Now ... This?" (Atlantic Unbound, June 18, 1997)
When TV-network news is translated onto the Web the picture is something completely different.

Web Citations: "A Poem a Day" (Atlantic Unbound, April 30, 1997)
With National Poetry Month behind us, a new site offers poetry lovers a daily fix.

Web Citations: "The Dark Side" (Atlantic Unbound, March 5, 1997)
George Lucas brought filmmaking into the digital age. His marketing department has brought Star Wars to the Web.

Web Citations: "World Wide Weather" (Atlantic Unbound, December 11, 1996)
Separating the average weather watcher from the bona fide junkie.

Web Citations: "AOL: Back to the Future" (Atlantic Unbound, November 27, 1996)
A sure escape from the confusing Web space of the present.

Web Citations: "Web Del Sol" (Atlantic Unbound, November 13, 1996)
The "Locus of Literary Art on the WWW."

Web Citations: "Witness: Roads to Refuge" (Atlantic Unbound, October 9, 1996)
An innovative online documentary looks at the plight of Bosnia's uprooted population.

"The Matter of Poetry" (Atlantic Unbound, April 1996)
On the occasion of the first annual National Poetry Month, the question "Can Poetry Matter?" is as provocative as it was in May, 1991, when Dana Gioia asked it in The Atlantic Monthly. An introduction to Atlantic Unbound's Poetry Pages.

"The Deep Passage: Dante, Longfellow, and Pinsky" (Atlantic Unbound, November 1995)
Dante Alighieri, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Robert Pinsky -- together in cyberspace. With excerpts from Pinsky's award-winning translation of the Inferno, read aloud by Pinsky (in RealAudio).

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