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Does This Election Matter? (November 1-7, 2000)
Is Ralph Nader right? Does it matter whether Al Gore or George W. Bush is the next President of the United States? What is at stake as Americans go to the polls on November 7th? Christopher Caldwell, E. J. Dionne Jr., Barbara Ehrenreich, and Harold Meyerson join us for an interactive discussion on the 2000 presidential election, hosted by The Atlantic's James Fallows.

We're All Environmentalists Now. Right? (September 13-20, 2000)
The state of the earth's biosphere ought to be a major issue—perhaps the major issue—of the 2000 presidential campaign. Yet, thus far, it is not. Eileen Claussen, Gregg Easterbrook, Mary A. Gade, and Bill McKibben join us for an interactive discussion on environmental priorities and political necessities, hosted by The Atlantic's Jack Beatty.

Picking a Good Fight (April 6-17, 2000)
After Somalia, after Haiti, after Bosnia, after Rwanda, after Kosovo, after East Timor, after Chechnya, does "humanitarian intervention" have a future? Robert D. Kaplan, Edward Luttwak, David Rieff, and Benjamin Schwarz join us for an interactive roundtable hosted by The Atlantic's Cullen Murphy.

Does Clinton Matter? (January 26-February 9, 2000)
How long a shadow will Bill Clinton cast over the 2000 presidential race? An interactive discussion featuring Jack Beatty, David Brooks, David Corn, and Sean Wilentz.

My So-Called Generation (August 11-25, 1999)
Can there be such a thing as a Generation X political agenda? Who are these Xers, anyway—and who speaks for them? An interactive discussion featuring Tucker Carlson, Farai Chideya, Andrew Shapiro, Scott Stossel, and Ted Halstead, the author of The Atlantic's August cover story.

Life, Liberty, and ... the Pursuit of Copyright? (September 10-29, 1998)
What is at stake in the battle over intellectual property in the information age? An interactive discussion featuring John Perry Barlow, Lawrence Lessig, Mark Stefik, and Charles C. Mann, the author of The Atlantic's September cover story.

Is the Party Over? (June 18 - July 2, 1998)
Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, said that a house divided cannot stand. Does the same now apply to the Grand Old Party? An interactive discussion featuring Stanley B. Greenberg, Terence P. Jeffrey, Grover Norquist, and Christopher Caldwell, the author of The Atlantic's June cover story.

Race in America (November 13-26, 1997)
If the problem of the twentieth century has been "the problem of the color line," will the same hold true for the next century? An interactive discussion featuring Dinesh D'Souza, Christopher Edley Jr., Nicholas Lemann, and Glenn C. Loury.

AIDS: Privacy vs. Public Health? (June 3-19, 1997)
Can we wage effective war on the disease and protect its victims' civil rights? An interactive discussion featuring Winnie Stachelberg, Rep. Tom Coburn, Dr. Joel Gallant, and Chandler Burr, the author of The Atlantic's June cover story.

Where Do We Go From Here? (March 12-25, 1997)
Welfare "as we know it" is a thing of the past. Poverty and chronic unemployment are not. What is the future of welfare in America? An interactive discussion featuring Sheldon Danziger, Robert Rector, Jason Turner, and Peter Edelman, the author of The Atlantic's March cover story.

One Nation, Inhospitable? (November 6-20, 1996)
Americans are proud of the role immigration has played in their past but seem to fear its role in the present. Is this fear is justified? An interactive discussion featuring George J. Borjas, Peter Brimelow, and David M. Kennedy.

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