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by Frank Huyler

The queen sleeps in my palm
through the forest.

Her workers are dark ribbons
that follow us

asking one thing.
Let her go let her go let her go.

They are black wool
covering my hands.

I wear them as a field
wears dust in the dry summer.

I wear them as the river
wears its speed.

Their wings--
I hear them as a house

closed for the season
hears its last voice.

When I release her
and she stumbles

to the new cells
it is the future

I lock her in, another
meadow where again

bees fall like fire
on the exposed flowers.

Frank Huyler is currently a resident physician in emergency medicine at the University of New Mexico Hospitals, in Albuquerque.

Copyright © 1995 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; August 1995; Moving the Hive; Volume 276, No. 2; page 78.

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