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by Robert Morgan

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The groundhog den in the soft bank
always has a back door. And when
confronted by a terrier
tearing at the aproned entrance,
the woodchuck exits out the back,
surfacing in weeds or thicket.
He will not be a prisoner
or a martyr in his own burrow.
The whistle-pig has an option,
call it deniability,
for his whereabouts. He has
the alibi of absence.

Robert Morgan is a professor of English at Cornell University and the author of several books, including Green River: New and Selected Poems (1991) and The Truest Pleasure (1995), a novel.

Copyright © 1997 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; October 1997; Option; Volume 280, No. 4; page 64.

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