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by Florence Cassen Mayers

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One nation, indivisible
two-car garage
three strikes you're out
four-minute mile
five-cent cigar
six-string guitar

six-pack Bud
one-day sale
five-year warranty
two-way street
fourscore and seven years ago
three cheers

three-star restaurant
four-dollar question
one-night stand
two-pound lobster
five-star general

five-course meal
three sheets to the wind
two bits
one-armed bandit

four-wheel drive
hole in one
three-alarm fire
sweet sixteen

two-tone Chevy
four rms, hi flr, w/vu
high five
three-ring circus
one-room schoolhouse

two thumbs up, five-karat diamond
Fourth of July, three-piece suit
six feet under, one-horse town

Copyright © 1996 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; July 1996; All-American Sestina; Volume 278, No. 1; page 86.

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