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The Atlantic Monthly | July 1991
Poem in Blank Rhyme

by Glyn Maxwell
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This isn't very difficult to do.
The sky's pink, the morning pretty new.

Last night I met a mate from the old crew.
We walked too far too late and turned a U

Out of the woods as it got dark. He knew
I'd spend the evening talking about you

But didn't mind, and when we had to queue
He made the time fly quickly with his two

Hundred unfunny jokes, plus a big clue
About his own big heart. Well, the sky's blue

Now over there, I'm standing in the dew
Remembering and hoping. But it's true:

Days are very many. Days are few.
I want to be with someone and you're who.

Copyright © 1991 by Glyn Maxwell. All rights reserved. The Atlantic Monthly; July 1991; Poem in Blank Rhyme; Volume 268, No. 1; page 64.