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by Maxine Kumin

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going for grapes with
ladder and pail in
the first slashing rain
of September    rain
steeping the dust
in a joyous squelch    the sky
standing up like steam
from a kettle of grapes
at the boil    wild fox grapes
wickedly high    tangled in must
of cobweb and bug spit
going for grapes    year
after year    we two with
ladder and pail stained
with the rain of grapes
our private language

Maxine Kumin won a Pulitzer Prize in 1973 for her collection of poems Up Country. Her most recent volumes are Connecting the Dots (1996) and Selected Poems: 1960-1990 (1997).

Copyright © 1980 by Maxine Kumin. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; September 1980; Continuum: A Love Poem; Volume 246, No. 3; page 69.

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