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by Martin Galvin

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It's like I just like have to kiss
a boy in every city where I am like at.
It's just so totally like I do this. Kiss.
So I am like last year? in Florence?
Italy? So weird.
I mean totally it was like so weird
I hadn't like kissed like one of them?
And I was so totally like bummed.
So I see this really like old man
at the airport and like it's what
I do so I go totally up to him and like
kiss him and it was totally like weird.
He was like twenty-seven and his wife --
it was like Like. She was like
so passive aggressive. Like sulked.
I was just like. It was like I did it?
Like totally kept my kiss list going? Weird.

Martin Galvin is a poet who lives in Maryland. His poems have appeared in Poetry, The New Republic,and The Best American Poetry 1997.
Copyright © 1998 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; August 1998; Passive Aggressive; Volume 282, No. 2; page 68.

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