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by Cathy Smith Bowers

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When the heaviness of dog days
has had its way
with us, they bloom
to stay the doom

of summer's end. Such Popsicles,
these crepe myrtles,
to cool the day's
parched tongue! And where's

the truck that brought them? The little
bell? Clang goes the
ghostly driver
and then is gone.

Cathy Smith Bowers is poet in residence at Queens College, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the author of The Love That Ended Yesterday in Texas (1992) and Traveling in Time of Danger, to be published this month.

Copyright © 1998 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; December 1998; Crepe Myrtles; Volume 282, No. 6; page 96.

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