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by Dick Allen

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Send me a postcard from
Chile or Tunis to
Tape on my dresser or
Sail through my office.

Let it be frightfully
Luscious or smashing for
Nightmares or psalm-sings and
Scribbles of pencils.

Find me flamingos and
Cats in the jungles with
Faces like moochers who
Thrust out their fingers.

Mail it from beaches where
Waves look like forestry
Ghosts in their gullies that
Waltz in the shadows.

Florida charms me -- its
Keys with their looping toward
Cuba, their coral, their
Fishermen bronzing.

Yet, for my needs, if you're
Touring Morocco and
Chance by a view of a
Harbor or ruin,

Post it to Hartford, where
I shall be waiting to
Sweeten the world with my
Blackberry mind.

Copyright © 1996 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
The Atlantic Monthly; August 1996; Memo From the Desk of Wallace Stevens; Volume 278, No. 2; page 64.

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