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Over the Edge (December 4, 1997)
Hypertext fiction, a new Norton anthology, and a postmodern freefall into cyberspace. By Wen Stephenson

Out of Context (June 11, 1997)
What happens when the media become our reality? It's a question cyberjournalists ought to ask themselves. By Wen Stephenson

You Say You Want a Revolution? (You'd better free your mind instead) (April 2, 1997)
On "push," the digital nation, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. By Wen Stephenson

Bonfire of the Pieties (March 5, 1997)
In Virtuous Reality, Hotwired's Jon Katz calls for a truce in the media culture wars. So why is he fanning the flames? By Wen Stephenson

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