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Jazz Resources on the Web

  • American Jazz Symposium
    Dedicated to the promotion and preservation of jazz's performance and heritage, the AJS Web site includes information on the AJS Jazz Masters Project, a menu of jazz-related Web sites, and Marge Hofacre's national publication Jazz News.

  • Benny Carter Web Site
    Considered by Louis Armstrong to be "right up there" with cats like Duke Ellington and Count Basie, Benny Carter has startled the jazz world for more than six decades with his versatility and virtuosity on the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, piano, and trombone.

  • The Diz Quiz
    He dazzled four presidents and liked his trumpets bent. Come to this site to test your knowledge of the legendary Dizzy Gillespie.

  • A Great Day in Harlem
    Don't we all wish that we could have been in Harlem on that day, thirty-eight years ago, when a young and relatively unknown photographer invited the most important names in jazz to come and get their pictures taken and nearly fainted when fifty-eight jazz greats showed? Come relive the day, see the photograph, and click on groups of people to match names and accomplishments with faces.

  • The Internet Jazz Plaza
    A comprehensive information source on the jazz industry. The Internet Jazz Plaza features spotlights on jazz clubs, agencies, festivals, concerts, and individual artists, as well as live chats with the biggest names in jazz.

  • Jazz at Lincoln Center
    This new site provides schedules for the "Jazz for Young People" program and the Wynton Marsalis-led Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, as well as the series "Jazz at the Penthouse" -- a new and unique series of Friday evening solo jazz-piano concerts by such masters of the idiom as Kenny Barron, McCoy Tyner, and Jay McShann.

  • Jazz Central Station
    Climb aboard for a journey that your eyes, ears, and mind will remember for a long time. Extensive information on the music and the musicians who have made jazz the experience that it is.

  • Jazz Online
    This site offers interviews (written and audio), contests, information on new CDs, and helpful recommendations for those new to jazz by those who know best -- the artists themselves.

  • The Jazz Photography of Ray Avery
    One of the ways to get both an overview and a feeling for the nuances of jazz is by looking at the photographs of Ray Avery. This site has the background stories of Avery and the artists he captured in his work.

  • JazzWorld.com
    Jazz World displays photographs, an informative bulletin board, information on jazz education for children and will help you search for other like-minded sites.

  • John Coltrane -- A Love Supreme
    An impassioned and intelligent tribute to "the essence of Trane."

  • Miles Ahead!
    Connects you with sources on Miles Davis's discography and biography.

  • New Jazz Archives
    A gallery of men and women who have made great contributions to jazz. Photographs and, for some of the musicians, a brief text.

  • Red Hot and Cool Jazz
    Provides catalogue and record-label information, links to newsletters, and has Real Audio with sounds from Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus.

  • Riverwalk, Live From The Landing
    Devoted to the John Cullum jazz band, a group that broadcasts regularly on Public Radio to nearly 200 stations nationwide, this site proselytizes in the name of "classic" and "vintage" jazz, popular pre-WWII traditions.

  • Thelonious Sphere Monk
    As eclectic as the piano genius himself, this site offers some interesting biographical information, photos of Monk in action, comments by other musicians on the eccentric beboper, and even promo for Thelonious Monk Jr.

  • WNUR-FM Jazz Web
    Based at Northwestern University, this site offers jazz programming and performance information, as well as essays on artists.

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