When I think of the typical citizen of this world, I see in my mind Christine Boarts, the 24-year-old editor of Slug & Lettuce.... It was in the small punk scene in the central Pennsylvania college town where Chris grew up that she found a community (outside her liberal family) where "it was okay that I wasn't like everyone," and it was through her zine that she forged connections to the larger underground scene which gave her the "inspiration and direction" to chart a course for herself outside the mainstream. Surviving on a shoestring, she has just put out her forty-fifth issue of S&L, fitting it in someplace between organizing punk shows at New York City's alternative space ABC NO RIO, shooting photos for an upcoming book, crisscrossing the country in a van, and spending the winter in an unheated cabin on a mountain in Virginia. Living on the outskirts of a society that equates success with material acquisition, status, and stability, Chris is poor, marginalized, and perfectly happy.

Stephen Duncombe,
from Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture
(Verso, 1997)

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