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Do you need a new word -- maybe for people like someone you know, a currently indescribable stage of life or state of mind, an activity you're often engaged in (willingly or not!), or something that happens to you all the time? Use this page to tell us about a word you'd like Atlantic readers to coin for you. Or do you have a response to the Word Fugitives query in the current Atlantic? You may send this in here too -- or scroll down to post it in the comments section to post it where other readers can see it. Submissions become the property of Word Fugitives and may be edited.

To be considered for publication, responses to a query in the magazine must be posted or submitted before the end of the month named on the cover. Requests for new words must be submitted using this form, not as blog comments. If we publish your query or if you earn "top honors" for your response, we'll send you, with our thanks, an autographed copy of Barbara Wallraff's Word Fugitives book.



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