From:Mary Greeley
Gainesville, Fla.
Posted:7 Dec 99
There's an expression I'm looking for that has gotten mixed up in my mind with "It's your shout," which I believe is a British phrase meaning something like "Since you're paying ..." What I want to tell my husband sometimes is "Since we're doing this for your sake ..." I know, I know, the two ideas are a little bit different!

For example, he likes shrimp a lot, so when we have shrimp for dinner, I'll figure we might as well have side dishes of his choosing as well. Or when we're going to his company's Christmas party, I'll want to know what he thinks I should wear. So -- other than the obvious "Would you like rice or potatoes with that, dear?" or "What should I wear to the party?" -- is there an idiom for situations like this? Something along the lines of "It's up to you," but warmer and more like "Make yourself happy"?

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