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February 11, 1998

Bouncing Spice Girls' Heads The Web is an unparalleled information resource. We all know that. What is considerably less remarked upon is that some sites are still refreshingly information-free.

What better antidote to information overload, for example, than a site where visitors are invited to distort the facial features of selected politicans by pushing pixels around in their photographic portraits? Or a page where the cursor becomes a hand with which visitors are enjoined to smack as many bouncing Spice Girls' heads as possible? Or one where visitors are challenged to a staring contest with a green-eyed Pinocchiowoman named Sally? Equally devoid of intellectual content are the "Buck Starts Here" rodeo, where riding even the tamest of the rodeo's three bulls is difficult, and the "Imperfection Stress-O-rama," which gives you fifteen seconds to fill various slots in your brain cavity with matching shapes.

That the confluence of creative minds and new technology occasionally produces something like "Slap the Spice Girls" is a sobering thought. But slapping the Spice Girls is undeniably enjoyable. And who needs more "information" about the President's latest troubles when one can simply stretch the length of his nose?

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