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July 16, 1997

NYT Women's Health As Gloria Steinem writes in the preface to the 25th anniversary edition of The New Our Bodies, Ourselves, "Much has changed in this past quarter century of a forceful and populist women's health movement, from increased mental health and life expectancy among women to the increased confidence and influence of women health consumers." The information such awareness fosters -- once confined to a few good books and thumbed-over pamphlets in doctors' offices and waiting-rooms -- is now flourishing on the Web.

pills Pleasant and uncluttered, reminiscent of a soothing, pastel-painted clinic, The New York Times Women's Health Web site is as full of information and as level-headed as your favorite clinician. NYT Women's HealthBalanced between a stable of steady features -- "Bookshelf," "Data," "Resources" -- and feature articles, the site offers women (and men) comprehensive answers to a variety of health-related questions. "29 Issues" divides a woman's body into regions of concern, each with its own girth of information, ranging from basic facts and archived articles to outside resources. In the "Women's Health Bookshelf," generous excerpts from The Harvard Guide to Women's Health, The Women's Complete Health Book, and The New Our Bodies, Ourselves browsing further enlarge the information base. By laying bare the ambiguities of sensitive health concerns, this site -- doggedly open-minded, thoroughly investigative -- arms readers with a bank of knowledge heretofore not readily available.

Such a relevant online collection of women-specific literature sets a significant standard. Even Gloria Steinem must be pleased.

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