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  • Arts & Literature

      Poetry Pages. A multimedia feature devoted to poets and poetry, both classic and contemporary.

      Books & Authors. Excerpts and interviews.

      Facts & Fiction. An interview with the author of the short story in The Atlantic's current issue.

      Arts & Entertainment Preview
      (Sponsored by the Chrysler Corporation and its divisions)
      A critical guide to new releases and cultural events covering jazz, popular music, dance, theater, classical music, and film.

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  • Politics
      - Monthly commentaries by Jack Beatty
      - Atlantic Unbound Roundtables
      - interactive polls
      - Atlantic archival resources
      - and more

  • Culture & Comment

      American Graffiti. Commentary on things peculiarly American.

      Atlantic Abroad. Dispatches from Atlantic Unbound's far-flung foreign correspondents.

      Corby's Table. The Atlantic's Corby Kummer highlights new books and recipes from his favorite chefs.

      Sage, Ink
      Occasional excursions into wit and whimsy, by Sage Stossel.

  • Flashbacks
    Thematic collections of articles from The Atlantic's past that have gained new relevance today.

  • Digital Culture

      Features. Essays and interviews explore technology and culture in the digital age.

      Web Citations. A weekly Web-site review.

      In Media Res. Commentary from the midst of the debates where media new and old converge.

  • Word Games Archive
    Past word-game contests hosted by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon, creators of the Atlantic Puzzler.

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