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The Court Record
Language columns by Barbara Wallraff, from The Atlantic Monthly and Atlantic Unbound.

Word Improvisation
Investigations of slang by J. E. Lighter, the editor of the Random House Dictionary of American Slang.

An index of articles from The Atlantic Monthly.

Word Watch

A selection of terms that have newly been coined, that have recently acquired new currency, or that have taken on new meanings, compiled by Anne H. Soukhanov, the U.S. general editor of The Encarta World English Dictionary (1999).

December, 2000
"Blow-in," "dead ringer," "hikikomori," and "self-scanner."

August, 2000
"Parasite single," "skatertizer," "viral marketing," and "weather tourist."

May, 2000
"Bubba bomb," "dirtbagging," "half-g car," and "sponsor girl."

December, 1999
"LURD," "murder board," "script kiddie," and "wet leaves phenomenon."

August, 1999
"Deep-background private placement," "NEW," "ostension," and "philosopause."

April, 1999
"Flyball," "marketplace," "mitigation specialist," and "ZARF."

December, 1998
"Explornography," "land-based bookstore," "muscle candy," and "reinforced clothing."

August, 1998
"Beltropolis," "K&R industry," "lexia," and "stealth tower."

April, 1998
"Amenities creep," "hospitalist," "pink trash," and "proggy."

December, 1997
"Bloatware," "economy class syndrome," "killer litter," "limber neck," and "stigmatized house."

August, 1997
"Broadbanding," "cultural transvestitism," "medical foods," "stork parking," and "sucker bomb."

April, 1997
"Crind," "guerrilla librarianship," "medical mall," and "spange."

December, 1996
"Israelize," "raging silver wave," "slug," and "transgressive fiction."

August, 1996
"Beau Geste fort," "para-parenting," "sero-discordant," and "work plane."

April, 1996
"Corporate anorexia," "dwell time," "restorative justice," and "sitting volleyball."

December, 1995
"Glass-tower people," "human bowling," "MacGyver bomb," and "trash cover."

September, 1995
"Anxious class," "astroturf," "fat skis," and "high-rise cat syndrome."

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