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The Court Record
Language columns by Barbara Wallraff, from The Atlantic Monthly and Atlantic Unbound.

Word Watch
A selection of terms that have newly been coined, that have recently acquired new currency, or that have taken on new meanings, compiled by Anne H. Soukhanov, the U.S. general editor of The Encarta World English Dictionary (1999).

An index of articles from The Atlantic Monthly.

Word Improvisation

Investigations of slang by J. E. Lighter, the editor of the Random House Dictionary of American Slang

October 2000
The Skinny.

June 2000
Party Lines.

March 2000
Wising Up.

October 1999

June 1999
Cats Out of the Bag.

February 1999
Oomph and Others.

October 1998
Say What?

June 1998
Eyes on the Ball.

February 1998
Getting Real.

October 1997
Taking notice of POTUS.

June 1997
Money Talks.

February 1997
Here Come the Frosh.

November 1996
Blowing Smoke.

June 1996
A Lot of Nonsense.

February 1996
Among the Muckamucks.

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