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S E P T E M B E R  1 9 9 9

Puzzler Solution to "At the Movies,"
the August, 1999, Puzzler

puzzler solution

Solutions are given in the order of the words' occurrence in the film reviews. Across. LAMB + A + DA'S; STERNER (hidden); ESSEN + C + E (sense anag.); EMOTERS (anag.); AS + IN + IN + E; P + AGE(A)NT; STE(AL)ER; PANTS (double def.); A + SCOT; RILES (hidden); SNAPS (rev.); DON + E; B(LUEC)OAT (clue anag.); STAMINA (anag); ALAN (hidden); DR(APER)IES (pear anag.); DEMOC(RA + C)Y (comedy anag.); T(A + PRO)OM Down. PEACE (homophone); (m)OB SCENE; TARDIER (anag.); PE(N)STER (Streep anag.); YAWNE + R (Wayne anag.); SIL + I + CON; PEELS (rev.); B(ARM)AN; CAN(A + RD)S; DI(SEAS)E; LEONE (hidden); COMA (first letters); ARE + AS; OPE + NED (Poe anag.); ALI + EN; MUTATES (anag.); STA(I)R; NO + IR; PAL + MIST; TANDEM (anag.)
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The Atlantic Monthly; September 1999; Puzzler Solution - 99.09; Volume 284, No. 3; page 104.