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William Aron ("Flouting the Convention") is an affiliate professor at the University of Washington and has recently retired as the director of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. William Burke is a professor of law and of marine affairs at the University of Washington. Milton Freeman is the Henry Marshall Tory Professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta.

Guy Billout ("Deus ex Machina") has received many awards for his work, including gold and silver medals from the Society of Illustrators. He is a regular contributor to Le Monde, in Paris.

Francis Davis ("Napoleon in Rags") is a contributing editor of The Atlantic. He recently received an ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for "The Man From Heaven," which appeared in the June, 1997, Atlantic.

Francis Fukuyama ("The Great Disruption") is the Hirst Professor of Public Policy and the director of the International Commerce and Policy Program at George Mason University, in Virginia. His article in this issue will appear, in somewhat different form, in his book The Great Disruption, to be published by The Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, next month.

Erica Funkhouser ("Woodcock") teaches a poetry-writing workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is the author of Sure Shot and Other Poems (1992) and The Actual World (1997).

Mary Gordon ("The Deacon") is a professor of English at Barnard College and the author of many books, including The Company of Women (1981), Temporary Shelter (1987), and The Shadow Man (1996), a memoir. A collection of her essays, Seeing Through Places, will be published next year.

Mark Jarman ("In the Tube") teaches English literature at Vanderbilt University. His most recent collection of poems, Questions for Ecclesiastes (1997), was awarded the Lenore Marshall Poetry Prize in 1998.

W. S. Merwin ("Term") has won many awards for his poetry, including the 1998 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize. His The Folding Cliffs, an epic poem, was published last year.

Charles Portis ("Combinations of Jacksons") is a novelist and journalist who lives in Arkansas.

Francine Russo ("The Clinical-Trials Bottleneck") writes frequently on behavior and social issues. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, among other publications, and she is a theater critic for The Village Voice.

Benjamin Schwarz ("Was the Great War Necessary?") is a correspondent for The Atlantic and a book critic for the Los Angeles Times.

Hatsy Shields ("Fresh and French") writes regularly on travel, horticulture, and the arts, and tends her own vegetable patch north of Boston.

Jesse Wegman ("Six Days") is an assistant producer of National Public Radio's Living on Earth.

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The Atlantic Monthly; May 1999; Contributors; Volume 283, No. 5; page 6.

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