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The March 1999 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Hide and Seek
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  • In order to complete this puzzle, solvers must play the role of "It" in a game of Hide and Seek. After all the clue answers (whose starting points but not lengths are given) have been entered, the grid will still have some empty squares. These squares may be filled once you find the hidden players that cross through them in any of eight directions (forward or backward horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). The squares filled in this manner will identify the hiders as a group, and one square, which contains two letters, will symbolically reward the successful seeker. Clue answers include seven capitalized words.

    The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    1. Reset a VCR to jump around while playing
    5. Suit excavators' needs
    9. One pursuing fabric with a Russian tag
    12. So chic, wrapping article from the East
    14. Croak, due to mistakenly swallowing iodine (two words)
    15. Bright girl finally accepted by school instructional division
    16. Rating for a family movie with talented Hollywood legend
    17. Often changed limits of load by an order of magnitude
    18. Turn dirt around front of plant
    23. Hold back on account of dangerous animal
    24. Passage from some deadly Cherubini opera
    26. Gray, greasy stuff put through another round of cooking
    27. Shelter housing one occupant
    29. Act fast, spinning big wheels (two words)
    31. North American tuber brought back from a pre-Columbian culture
    32. A melodramatic actor following great, famous dancer
    33. Flowers in fruity dishes keeping a long time
    34. Like an airhead, messed up tidy eating zone
    35. New cinema's chilling character?

    1. Blanketed in covers, sleeper initially drifts
    2. French wine conveying excellent mood
    3. Virtuous in behavior after the mass is said
    4. Writing a cowpoke's name with a carpenter's tool
    5. Move stealthily south, not doing anything in particular
    6. Have a place with a range
    7. High-spirited teammate of Michael Jordan wearing tee in upset
    8. Full schedule except for the second day
    10. Wrong about good omen
    11. Toss disc for canine
    13. In backing college officials, university service organization called for investigation
    19. Round bodies board bus, odd ones out
    20. Philosopher Taylor holding wacky be-in
    21. Horse feed includes a large piece of fruit
    22. Taboo involving treatment of Mets hitters
    23. Get hot about game official being far from sharp
    24. Punk Mr. Ice-T composed in verse
    25. Box in facility outside of North Carolina
    28. Emotional speech took place on time
    30. A borderline way of attracting attention?

    Copyright © 1999 by The Atlantic Monthly Company. All rights reserved.
    The Atlantic Monthly; March 1999; The Puzzler; Volume 283, No. 3; page 119.

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