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JUNE 1999 | Volume 283 No. 6
9906mcvs picture Building Wealth

One of the nation's most influential economists asks a few basic questions. How does knowledge create wealth? How can societies incubate entrepreneurs? What skills will the entrepreneurs need?

by Lester Thurow

Kissinger, Metternich, and Realism

The work that best explains Henry Kissinger is his doctoral dissertation. What Kissinger has always offered is a grimly persuasive view of the human condition.

by Robert D. Kaplan

Eden: A Gated Community

The story of a single-minded businessman turned environmentalist who bought a thousand square miles of Chile, determined to establish a wilderness park. He thought Chile would be grateful.

by William Langewiesche
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Notes & Comment: The Mirror of Dorian Gray
We all know that mirrors show images in reverse. It doesn't have to be that way.
by Cullen Murphy

Crime: When They Get Out
America is putting more people behind bars than ever. Soon we will be releasing more of them than ever.
by Sasha Abramsky

Personal File: Two Deaths in Rathmines
"The disaster began midmorning, when I went to my father's bedroom -- to which he was confined by illness." A memoir of 1927, by the Irish writer and statesman.
by Conor Cruise O'Brien

Fiction & Poetry

seahorse picture To the Animal in the Hole
A poem
by Erica Funkhouser

The Dress
A poem
by C. K. Williams

A short story
by Thomas H. McNeely

  • Web-Only: Sympathy for a Killer.
    An Atlantic Unbound interview with Thomas H. McNeely.

    seahorse picture The Grain of Sound
    A poem
    by Robert Morgan

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  • Arts & Leisure

    Travel: The Wild New West
    A family with varied interests seeks satisfaction among the ranchers and rafters, the sprocketheads and aging hippies, of Moab, Utah.
    by Thomas E. Ricks

    Gardening: Politically Correct Planting
    It's not enough to appreciate native plants -- specialty catalogues now expect you to join a moral crusade.
    by Stephen Budiansky

    Food: Red Sauce Revisited
    No longer is it a mark of shame.
    by Corby Kummer


    The Making of the English Middle Class
    The Rise and Fall of Class in Britain, by David Cannadine
    by Geoffrey Wheatcroft

    The Grads of '69
    Rebels in White Gloves: Coming of Age With Hillary's Class -- Wellesley '69, by Miriam Horn
    by Wendy Kaminer

    Brief Reviews
    by Phoebe-Lou Adams

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    The June Almanac

    The Puzzler
    by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

    Word Improvisation
    by J. E. Lighter

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