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The January 1999 Puzzler

by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon


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  • As every fitness freak knows, a good cross-training program involves both diet and exercise. Accordingly, some of this puzzle's Across entries undergo a dietary restriction, while some Down entries take part in certain exercises. Clues for "dieting" Acrosses consist of two definitions, one for the "before" version of the answer (whose length is given) and one for the "after" version (which appears in the diagram); either definition may come first. The diet is spelled out by the Acrosses' losses in the order in which they occur. Across clues are given in proper order, although the bars marking their answers' starting and ending points are not shown. (If the bars were shown, their pattern would be the same after rotating the grid 180 degrees.) Exercise instructions interject themselves as otherwise unclued Across entries, and apply to the Down entries that cross them. Locations of all Down entries are given normally. Clue answers include nine capitalized words, counting both "before" and "after" Acrosses. Have a good workout!

    The instructions above are for this month's puzzle only. See a complete introduction to clue-solving.

    See the solution to last month's Puzzler.


    a.   Health clubs miss modernized muscular movements (6)
    b.   Check part of a wine glass (4)
    c.   Rebuke ancient king repeatedly (3-3)
    d.   In old Rome, a general lack of muscle tone (6)
    e.   Cast doing some cobbler's work (6)
    f.   Orange truck in descent (6)
    g.   Examine small receptacle (4)
    h.   Quartet member involved in retrospective collection (5)
    i.   Darkly smears Russian emperors (5)
    j.   Broken on the same side together (6)
    k.   Covers with black darts (6)
    l.   Carefully studies Lester Young's nickname (5)
    m.   Ultimately seek eccentric English guy's name in Norway (5)
    n.   Get down as if to scrub boat's bottom (5)
    o.   Nothing factual about Democrat's trial (6)
    p.   Dodge commercial in England (6)
    q.   The blue woman in the Bible (6)
    r.   Take in excessively choppy seas in Black Sea port (6)
    s.   Fitting match (4)
    t.   My staff, for the most part, is beyond human understanding (6)

    1.   Street with place on both sides for trees (7)
    2.   Beat some veggies (5)
    3.   Gifts from Al put in shelters (7)
    4.   Attacks hams (4)
    5.   Rare gold netted in reckless raid (6)
    6.   Be sparing with second color (5)
    7.   Country instrument played by Tiny Tim when taking shower (7)
    8.   Many exotic southern birds (5)
    9.   Lieutenant returned wearing beard with finesse (6)
    10.   Canadian tribe maintaining mostly old form of French (6)
    11.   Show missing average for Hall of Fame hitter (6)
    12.   Tear madly around Swiss canton and Tuscany of old (7)
    13.   Quiet about something happening after six (7)
    14.   Without any resistance, secretary shot marble (4-3)
    15.   Head of studio listens to cuts (6)
    16.   Dance receiving excellent introduction (5)
    17.   Cries of alarm from the rear exit -- finally, some shooting (5)
    18.   Rings covering front of swim trunks (5)
    19.   Young man seen with unknown woman (4)

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    The Atlantic Monthly; January 1998; The Puzzler; Volume 283, No. 1; page 103.

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