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Solution to "Cross-Training,"
the January, 1999, Puzzler

Solution to the January Puzzler

Nine Acrosses took NO SECONDS; their second letters (shown below in parentheses) were deleted. Eight Downs received a HIKE or a LIFT; their entries go upward in the diagram.

Across. a. SPAS + MS b. STEM (double def.) c. TUT + TUT d. A(n)TONY e. S(o)LING f. O + RIG + IN g. S + CAN h. CELLO (hidden rev.) i. T(s)ARS j. T(e)AMED k. S(c)OOTS l. P(o)RES m. K + NUT + E n. K(n)EEL o. O + R(D)EAL p. A(d)VERT q. E(s)THER r. OD + ESSA (seas anag.) s. MEET (double def.) t. MY + STIC(k) Down. 1. LOCU(ST)S 2. PULSE (double def.) 3. T(AL)ENTS 4. MUGS (double def.) 5. MA(R + AU)D 6. S + TINT 7. UK(RAIN)E 8. MYNA + S (many anag.) 9. DEF(TL)Y (lt rev.) 10. CRE(OL[d])E 11. MUSI(c)AL 12. ETR(URI)A (tear anag.) 13. S(EVENT)H 14. CAT'S-EYE (secretary rr anag.) 15. S + HEARS 16. PRO(E)M 17. SKEE + T (eeks rev.) 18. TOR(S)I 19. LAD + Y

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The Atlantic Monthly; February 1999; Answers to the December Puzzler; Volume 283, No. 2; page 105.

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