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Puzzler Solution to "Family Reunion,"
the July, 1999, Puzzler

puzzler solution

The divided squares contain the 50 U.S. postal codes; letters to be deduced spell UNITED STATES. Across. al. SWAT (double def.) ap. MUCHL + Y (mulch anag.) bl. C(INN + A)MON bu. PECK (double def.) cl. ACTUARY (anag.) ct. DORSI (anag.) dl. NORM + AN ds. SI(MBA)S ep. INHALED (anag.) fl. A + W + A + KEN fs. WHO(R + L)S (show anag.) gn. JA(CU)ZZ + I hl. SHAR(p) + IF hs. KEWPIE (homophone of Q + P) il. ITALO (Lolita anag. - l) ir. L + EX(I)-CON jl. AVEC (hidden) jq. MO(V + E)MENT ko. D + INNER ku. EWES (homophone) Down. la. S(C)ANDAL lh. S + I AM ma. WAC(K)O mf. A + KIT + AS ne. T + AN(A)GER oa. THU + SLY (hut anag.) pa. M + A + CAW pg. NIMBI (hidden) qf. VUL(CA)N (UNLV anag.) ra. C(ON + V)OCATION (cocoa tin anag.) sa. H(EYD)AY (dye rev.) ta. L(A MI)A tg. METE + R uf. R(A + VIN)E va. SEABIRD (anag.) wa. MOSK(V)A (OKs AM anag.) wg. G + NOME xa. SKIS (hidden) xe. ASSENTS (homophone)

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The Atlantic Monthly; August 1999; Puzzler Solution - 99.08; Volume 284, No. 2; page 91.